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Community Survey on Holiday Golf Cart Parade

Ozona has held a holiday golf cart parade the past 17 years, and therefore, it has become a community tradition. With one exception, the parade has always been on the second Sunday of December. The rationale for that day being chosen was because it was the quietest weekend day in our activity center on Orange Street, and thus, the least disruptive to the community and our visitors.


However, the question has been raised as to whether the parade should be held on Saturday instead of Sunday. The OVIS Board thought it would be best to poll the Ozona community first before a decision is made, in order to determine what the community recommends for the day to hold the parade. Therefore, we are request you answer the one question provided in the survey link below, which is: “Should we continue to hold the Holiday Golf Cart Parade on the second Sunday of December?(Yes or No)

The poll has now closed. The results of this survey are: Yes - 37 / No - 33

This information will be used in the final decision of the OVIS Board at the Monday, March 26, 2018 Meeting.

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