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Drainage Improvement for the Village Hall


March 1, 2017


Several months ago Commissioner Dave Eggers attended an OVIS meeting where community improvements were discussed. One of those improvements needed was a clearing out of  the drainage swale adjacent to the Village Hall. That swale carries the water not only from the hall property but from Bay Street into the Preserve and eventually out into the Gulf. Because the swale had become overgrown with vegetation, it was common to have standing water under the hall during the wet season. The hall is slightly elevated on pylons. Commissioner Dave Eggers facilitated the communication to the County about this concern. As a result of this door opening opportunity the County has agreed to clear out this swale area. To accomplish this project it was necessary for OVIS to establish a drainage easement for the County work on the west side of the property that includes the swale. A survey has been done and the easement has been established.


The actual drainage work is now being scheduled. This is an important project not only for the Ozona community but also for the County because the Village Hall is a recognized historic landmark.

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