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2023 Annual Holiday Golf Cart Parade - SUNDAY, December 10, 2023 at 6:00-8:00pm



Each year the Ozona community has a golf cart parade on the second Sunday of December. Over the years this has become quite popular was now with well over a hundred golf carts participating. In the last couple of years OVIS has undertaken the sponsorship of this parade. Due to its success with so many golf carts and people involved OVIS obtains the necessary permits and insurance and contracts with the Sheriff's Office for support to ensure that we have a safe and well organized event. Because of the costs of the permit, insurance, and law enforcement, this past year OVIS started taking donations to cover those costs.  The parade route map that has been used successfully in the past is attached here for your reference.

There is one additional clarification to the registration of valid golf carts for the parade.  The Sheriff's Office has requested that only "true" golf carts be registered and participate in the golf cart parade.  In the last couple of years there have been other "off-road" vehicles or roadsters that have been showing up for the parade.  This year those vehicles will no longer be permitted by the Sheriff's Office.  If anyone has inadvertently registered a non-golf cart vehicle for the parade, then at the time of the parade, those vehicles will be asked to leave the area and their registration donation will be refunded.  In addition, a sheriff's vehicle will be leading the parade as well as having a vehicle at the end of the parade procession, so that everyone will be aware of the beginning and the end of the parade.  Thanks in advance to everyone's cooperation in this effort and enforcement for the safety of all participants and spectators.

This year's registration donation fee is $20.00.  You can purchase the registration fee below. We are asking that if you want to participate in the prize contest for the best decorated golf cart, then you will need to register with the link below.  If you register and pay at the time of the event, then you will not be eligible for the best golf cart contest.  Also, if you pay before the event, it will only cost $20.00, but if you pay at the event, it will cost $30.00.  Online registration will be open and allowed until Thursday, December 7, 2023.  You can pay online with PayPal along with your registration, or you can pay in person to Donna Green at Green and Associates Real Estate at 410 North Orange Street in Ozona.  In-person payments can be made Monday thru Friday during their normal business hours and will only be accepted until Thursday, December 7, 2023.  Once your payment has been confirmed, then the OVIS Village Treasurer will send you a PDF of your registered Golf Cart Number, which you will need to print out and attach visibly to the front of your golf cart for the event.  Your Golf Cart Number is not only needed to show your registration for the event but also for the judging process for the best golf cart contest.  More details on the best golf cart contest will be distributed with the November newsletter.  Any questions, inquiries or follow-up on registration confirmation can be addressed to the OVIS Village Treasurer at

Brian Smith

OVIS President

Golf Cart Parade Route 2023.jpg

Parade Route Details and Directions (corresponding to map above)

The golf carts should come to the start / gathering area around Molly Goodhead's and the Ozona Pig (designated by the large Red Star on the map), where they will receive a float number for getting position within the parade line-up.  Golf carts should be there by 5:30pm, and the parade will start promptly at 6:00pm.  Please go to the area between Molly's Goodheads and the US Post Office to register golf carts for the parade.


2023 Annual Ozona Holiday Golf Cart Parade
2023 Annual Ozona Holiday Golf Cart Parade
Dec 10, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Downtown Ozona,
310 Orange St, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA

2024 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  "What's going to win next year???" by Who is going to win next year?
Second Place:  "What's going to win next year???" by Who is going to win next year?
Third Place:  "What's going to win next year???" by Who is going to win next year?
Honorable Mention:  "What's going to win next year???" by Who is going to win next year?

2023 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  "Christmas Surprises" by The Joe Stout Family
Second Place:  "Rockin' Christmas" by The Rob Hoffert Family
Third Place:  "Merry & Bright" by the Adam Reister Family
Honorable Mention:  "Elf in the Chimney" (Left early before judging finalized.

2022 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  "Candy Cane Express" by Gary & Michelle Banlowe
Second Place:  "Polar Express" by Laurel  Martel

The Winners of the Holiday Golf Cart Parade is finalized!


The winners are the following:

First Place: Todd & Andrea Guarino - "Tailgating with Santa"
Second Place: Dan Berg - "North Pole"
Third Place: Bob & Michelle Hey - "Cross and Nativity"

Third Place:  "Fish Cart" by Adam Reister
Honorable Mention:  "Cupcake Float" by Joseph Stout

2021 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  "Fishing Cart" by Adam Reister
Second Place:  "Tiki Bar" by Ryan McMullen
Third Place:  "The Grinch" by Melody Gurley
Third Place: Bob & Michelle Hey - "Cross & Nativity"
Past Parade Events:

2019 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  "Motorboat Santa" by Ryan McMullen & Crew
Second Place:  "Santa Shark" by Gary & Michelle Banlowe
Third Place:  "North Pole" by Laurel Martel

2018 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  Gary Banlowe - "Christmas Candyland"
Second Place:  "Christmas Children Boating"
Third Place:  Lyle Teruss - "The Band"

2017 Winners' Circle:

First Place:  Todd & Andrea Guarino - "Tailgating with Santa"
Second Place:  Dan Berg - "North Pole"
2014 Parade Winner
2014 Parade
2014 Parade
2014 Parade
2014 Parade
2014 Parade
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 006.JPG
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 005.JPG
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 004.JPG
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 003.JPG
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 002.JPG
GolfCartParade 2013-12-08 007.JPG

Video from 2011 Parade

Video from 2010 Parade

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