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About OVIS?

What is the Ozona Village Improvement Society?


OVIS is the acronym for the "Ozona Village Improvement Society". The name sounds old-fashioned and it is! In the 1890’s, Susan Whitford, M.D. and other local residents organized the Ozona Ladies Improvement Society. One of their community efforts was to have our Village Hall built in 1900. Through the decades the hall has been useful to our community in many ways. It has been cared for by volunteer activity which is presently overseen by OVIS.

What Does OVIS Seek to Accomplish?


The purpose of OVIS is to “preserve, promote, and protect the unique qualities of Ozona.” We maintain the Ozona Village Hall We preserve records of Ozona community history We issue seasonal editions of the OZONA NEWS We host meetings for social or informational purposes We support activities within Ozona such as neighborhood clean-up, Ozona Days, and care of the Ozona Preserve We seek cooperative interaction with our County government.

Who Are the Members of OVIS?


Membership is open to anyone in the community.  Per the Byaws, Members in good standing share be persons who reside in Ozona and/or whose dues are paid in full for the current year. Annual non-household membership for a business or other entity is the same as a household.

Why Are We Asking for Your Support?


Any funds will be used toward the improvements that remain to be accomplished at the Village Hall. These include: an awning for the back door, display cases for our historic items, new tables/chairs, and other items. The renovation supervisor recommended that OVIS eventually seek to install a sprinkler system for fire protection of the building (Approx. cost 10K). OVIS pays ongoing bills for termite protection, insurance, utilities at the Hall. Thank you for considering an OVIS membership or sponsorship. If you are a business owner, we invite you to consider becoming a business sponsor of the Ozona News. All donations to OVIS are tax-deductible. See the 'Membership' Page on this website to download a Membership form and pay by PayPal

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